this site is, of course, still under construction

However, not wanting to disappoint, here's a couple of gorgeous Harley Quinn pieces I have.

Be sure to check back for Harleys by David Mack, Michael Turner, Ben Dunn, Terry Dodson, Yvel Guichet, Tim Vigil, Phil Noto, Adam Hughes, Craig Rousseau, and many more. 

Oh, and I'll be posting original pages - tons of Harley pages, I am attempting to get a page from every book she's been in that has a decent shot of her - plus pages like Buscema Red Sonja, a Kirby Losers, Romita Jr. Uncanny X-Men, Van Sciver New X-Men, Damion Scott Batgirl, Tim Vigil Faust, and so much Ed Benes, Mike Deodato Jr. and Ivan Reis it's almost embarrassing. And it's not for sale (except for silly money), but anything can be traded for the right piece.


got any pages from Harley books? any pages with Harley appearances on them? got licensing art or just a sweet pinup? 


I can't say I will pay more than anyone else - other people may certainly have more money - but odds are I will try real hard to pay the best!

thanks, Chris.

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